Going to the CON

Los Angeles, CA –    November 2, 2016    – (Newswire.com) October 29th, 2016 fans got a first look at Zombies vs. Cosplayers in ZombieCON, a feature film of Anime proportions at Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con. Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con spotlights Los Angeles artists creating and innovating across media platforms. Known for its knack… Continue Reading

Breaking It Down!

Created and directed by Kyle F. Valle, co-written by Kyle F. Valle and Manny Luke, and produced by Big Squid Productions, ZombieCON is one action-adventure-comedy-magical-cult-classic-in-the-making you won’t want to miss…. We are Indie Horror wrote, “ZombieCON looks to be one hell of a ride in what promises to be a fun and future cult film”… Continue Reading

Plot Outline

ZombieCON the Movie Suffocating under the daily oppression of LA assholes and  closed-minded society, it’s a battle for the cosplaying group of best friends the Rocket’s Rockets just to be able to do what they love. Squaring off against former best friend turned arch rival Zander (leader of conniving team Zander Rulz) at a small… Continue Reading

Photo Gallery

More Photos at https://www.facebook.com/mewnowtv/   ‘ZombieCON’, is the first live action, full length cosplay movie, fowling a group of four cosplayers as they are forced to tackle a Zombie Apocalypse. This Cosplay Movie has hand crafted EVA Foam armor, cosplay masquerades, zombies and it’s very own con. ‘ZombieCON’, a movie about cosplayers, made by cosplayers, for… Continue Reading


‘ZombieCON’, continues it’s journey through production! Below: Stills fresh from the edit bay with a basic color correct.   1st Official Poster Released! BTS Videos and Teasers on YouTube Get the Scoop on Twitter Join the Family on Facebook Instagram Eye Candy  MewNowTV.com 2015 Series and Shorts   ‘ZombieCON’. Cosplayers stuck in a Zombie apocalypse of anime… Continue Reading


Amidst a world over run with undead assholes, a single group of  Cosplayer’s must risk it all to save everything. Meet Punkie, brought to life by JJ Williams, Punkie is a tough take no shit bad ass, who never needs to be asked to get her roommate’s back. Fiercely loyal Punkie won’t ever turn away…but… Continue Reading


Amidst a world overrun with undead assholes, a single group of  Cosplayers must risk it all to save everything. Meet Javier…. Brought to life by Christian Casillas. Affectionately called ‘Javi’ by his roommate’s, Javi has a kind heart and a child like fascination with the world seeing the magic in everything. Strong of body Javier… Continue Reading