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ZombieCON at COMIC CON 2018

ZombieCON at ANIME EXPO 2018

ZombieCON at Nerd-Bot CON 2017

ZombieCON at Comic CON Palm Springs 2017

We Are Indie Horror:

ZombieCON looks to be one hell of a ride in what promises to be a fun and future cult film.” – We Are Indie Horror

ZombieCON goes to Comic Excitement!

ZombieCON at Anime Expo 2017

COSPLAY Chris talks ZombieCON!


Behind the Scenes: Filming AnimeCON West–Feature_Film.htm

Film Courage:

“It doesn’t cost a dime to make a great story.” – Kyle F. Valle, Director, ‘ZombieCON

Comic Book Bin:

Daily Herald:

Film Courage:

Music Video Preview From Stan Lee’s Comic CON

The Squids at Stan Lee’s LA Comic CON

Film Courage:


Making Cosplay For the Movie.

Fan Base Press:

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Living With Friends…

Join the fight, a fun PSA…